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There are a newer version for this template . The download link is provided in this post.

I always believe that blogspot and wordpress are the easiest publishing platforms for everyone . And they can do any task a website base on other platform can do .
I go around some photo gallery websites ,some of them base on PHP and the others base on Flash . So I made this template in blogspot for everyone know that blogspot can do most of work others platform can do .
This template is named Simplex gallery .It's specific for gallery website .
here is the screenshot


Live demo
| Download

In this template ,I integrated all javascript ,so you don't need to upload any javascript files .
To install this template ,follow these steps :
1. download it ,extract .
2.Open template file in any word editor you have,change the URLs in template file . You need to change url in this section : . Find and replace
http://nhamngahanh-gallery.blogspot.com/... with your urls
3.Upload template to blogspot .
How to use :
To post your images ,open your blog editor , upload your image .Each post contain only one image ,no more ,so upload one image in each post .
Choose edit in HTML mode ,keep only img tag like this :
<img src="your image url" title="title of your image - required" />
remove other tags and any things else .
add labels for post then publish .

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