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The reason why I didn't post anything on my blog for 2 days because I was coding a new template .And now this is a new free template for you : Simplex Typebased .
This template is original designed by Woothemes ,they released for free download ,so I've just converted it to Blogger template .
It's a template designed in Web 2.0 style ,a nice template .
Some functions I can't do it the same to wordpress version because I don't know how to do it now ,such as most viewed articles function . There are some script for doing this work ,but its result is not what I want ,so I changed this function to random posts . I hope you like it and if you find any script available , you can change it by yours own .

Screenshot :


Live demo | download

To install :
First ,download template and unzip . Upload all images in images folder to an image hosting service such as flickr ,picasa or photobucket .

Second ,open template file ( in xml format ) by any word editor you have and change all images link to link of images you uploaded . There are also some URLs need to be changed to your blog url ,where need to changed ,I noted carefully in template file . Pay attention to these notices .

Third , change Flickr id to your flickr id . My flickr id is 21845505@N03 . Hold Control+F for finding this Id in template file and change it to yours .

Fourth , in the footer section of blog template ,you need to add your blog RSS address to there .
Where need to change ,I noted .

Fifth ,Upload template to blogger and check the result .

Feel free to contact me for any error you meet or for any idea you get . Comment form is always available .

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