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One man asked me re-design this template for his blog ,he want to applied a slideshow at the top ,headline at the top-left and 4 columns at the footer .
So it's the reason why I made this one ,you can take a look at screenshot :

here is the page layout :

Live demo | Download

I added to this version a slideshow ,and a headline corner at the top ,4 columns at the bottom . All of them can add or remove easily as you see in page layout . There are many place for adding widget and advertisements .
Now this is instruction for installing this template
1,Download it

2,Extract it ,you will get a template file in xml format and a folder of images . Upload all image to hosting .

3,Open template file :

3a,change the url of images in your template to your images url .
3b,Find this script :

In this script there are some variables :numposts is the number of post in recent post section,numheadline is the number of headline in the top-left ,numfeature is the number of post in slideshow section , headlinelabel is the label of posts in headline section , if you want to show post under specific label in headline section ,just change the value blogger to label you want. The same is to featurelabel .
home_page is the home page of your blog ,change it to your blog url .Remember to adding a slash at the end .
Save template .

4,Upload template to blogger .

5,To set up other element such as navigation bar ,logo ... you can see in my previous instruction on how to install Simplex Pro template .

6,You can add widget as you want in this template to expand its function .

7,Save ! and you are done .
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