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Simplex Darkness is one of the most popular template of mine . It was designed in magazine style and it's good with many kinds of website .
Some people commented in my blog for errors ,suggestion ... and thank to them ,I can make a better template.
Most of comments are around the installing ,usage and errors in browsers . So in this version ,I made some upgrades :
-Make this template easier to install .You don't need to editing the code much .
-Some elements such as navigation ,list of page ,the categories are controlled via widget in Page elements
-More spaces to add widget .

Note: Page element is fixed . So now when you open a page ,it will show full post instead of being shorted .Check the live demo for result .Download link for fixed version is provided in this post
here is the screen of Page elements :

Live Demo | Download | Mirror link

How to install :
1,Download template file .This package included a folder of images so you can upload images to your host and change url in template file .
2,Upload template to Blogger .
3, Go to Page elements
To install logo ,click on edit link at the logo widget , and paste image to widget content as structure bellow

Do the same with banner widget . Paste your ads to widget content .
4,To install Page in top-navigation ,go to Blogger in Draft to create page and the page will be displayed automatically in top-navigation .
5,To show post in a category in slideshow ,click on edit button of slideshow widget .In widget title ,enter the title you want to show for the category ,and in widget content ,enter the category(or label ) , for example ,I want to show all recent posts under category 'Feature' in slideshow ,in editing widget dialog ,I do like this :

6,Do like step 5 for elements : morefeat,homepost1,homepost2...homepost7 . Which category you want to show ,enter its title in widget title and widget content .
another example ,I want to show recent posts under Business category in homepage ,I click on edit button ,and enter the content like this in widget configuration dialog :

7,To add ads ,click on edit and paste ads to widget content .
8,To add video ,paste the embed code to widget content .
9,Link list widget at the bottom is for creating a link to other page or feature article .
10,There are many space for adding widget ,so I think it will be easy for you to add your own widget ,ads ,and do some customization .
That's all . I hope you interested in my latest work .
P/s: please help me to check error on Chrome browser . I think I fixed most of troubles.
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