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Blogger blog can work as a CMS for a small company or business . Yes ,It can . I made a new template named Simplex CMS and this template is made for CMS-Business purpose .

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Unlike other blogger template ,this template work for CMS - business purpose ,it can be homepage for a business or company .
To install this template ,follow some steps bellow :

1,download template file and unzip . You will get a template file simplexcms.xml and a folder for images .
2,Upload all images to an image hosting service . I recommend Photobucket .
3,Open template file in any word editor you have ,find and replace "http://simplexcms1.blogspot.com" with your own blog url .
In this step ,if you see "http://simplexcms1.blogspot.com" in the links bellow :
Don't make any change . We will work with them later .
4, Login to your blogger account .Create 3 posts with names : about,offer,and welcome .Set the date for these posts a day in past (before the time you create blog ) to make sure these post never showed in the top of post list . Write something on these posts . For example :

Post named about introduce your company or service

Post named offer show up what you offer
Post named welcome is your welcome message .

5,Go to Posting tab ,continue to Edit Posts ,copy links of three post with names above : about,offer,and welcome .Link of these posts will look like :


all links "http://simplexcms1.blogspot.com/2008/10/about.html" and replace them with "http://your_blog_url/...../.../about.html"
Find all links "http://simplexcms1.blogspot.com/2008/10/offer.html" and replace them with "http://your_blog_url/...../.../offer.html"
Find all links "http://simplexcms1.blogspot.com/2008/10/welcome.html" and replace them with "http://your_blog_url/...../.../welcome.html"

6,Find the code bellow and change this to your own . This is text of headline section in screenshot.

7,Here is the code of right sidebar . Find and change this to your own.

8,Code of footer .

9,To show product in product introduction section in homepage ,you can create post normally . But remember to set the label for them : product . Do not use upper case . All post is maximum 400 words length .
For example ,if you want to post a product name Iphone ,create a post ,write title for it : " Iphone" and in labels for this post textbox ,write product . And your product will be showed in product section .

10,To write posts in blog section ,set label for post : blog . You can use more than one label but label "blog" is required for showing posts in blog section .

Ok . This is basically tutorial on setting up and using this template . If you meet any trouble,you can comment here .
Hope you enjoy it .

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