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Note : If your slider can't work ,you can download the fixed version with download link provided in this post ,or you can see here for solution

Another template for you who want to make an blog on auto . It's also good for other niches (of course ^^ ) . Now let's take a look on screenshot and live demo

Live Demo | Download

How to install this template ?
1,Download this template . This template package contain only one xml file because I uploaded all images and javascript files to ImageShack and Google Code ,so you don't need to worry about bandwidth .
2,Upload template to Blogger .
3, Go to Page elements ,you will see this screen :

4,To add your own logo ,click on edit link in logo widget ,and paste your logo as this structure :

The best size for logo is 300x90 pixels .
5,To add your advert to the header ,click on edit link in Ads widget and paste your ads script .
The size for advert is 468x60 .
6,To add your categories to menubar ,click on edit on menu widget and add link to each category in your blog . For example ,link to a category (or label) in blogger look like this : http://yourblog.blogspot.com/search/label1 . So in menu widget

enter http://yourblog.blogspot.com/search/label1 in New Site URL field ,and enter ' label1 ' in New Site Name field . When you finish ,click on save .
7,Feature widget is the slider showed in homepage . To show posts in a category in slider ,click on edit in feature widget and add label of this category in widget content . For example ,you want to show posts in category ' label1 ' in slider in homepage ,click on edit link in feature widget and enter 'label1' in feature widget content .
8,Right ads widget is for ads which will be show in right sidebar ,you can click edit and add your ads script .
9,Blogroll and category widget you can do as menu widget .
10,There are many place in this template you can add your own widget ,so I think it will satisfy you .
How to use ?
This template support video post and normal blog post .
To post a video ,made this post as this structure :

video description
and add label video for your post.
For example ,I want to create a video post with youtube video at this address : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5wfYPXAjl8 ,here is what I do :
Go to Dashboard - > Posting ->New Post
and enter post content like this

Textdescription .....blah blah blah ...
add the label 'video' in Labels field .
To make a blog post without video ,do as normal .
That's all .

I like this clean and minimalist ,but how about u? Please tell me what you think about this template?

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